Research Focus

Our lab focuses on methods to quantify the accuracy, integrity, continuity and availability of multi-sensor systems, for example, in automated vehicle applications.  In safety-critical applications, integrity, which is a measure of trust in sensor information, is of primary concern.  



A new era in Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)

We are entering a new era in GNSS, with the modernization of the U.S. GPS, the re-deployment of Russia's GLONASS and the emergence of Europe's Galileo and China's Beidou.  How do we best use these systems to ensure the safety of aircraft navigation applications?



From "How safe is my auto-pilot?" to "How safe is my auto-driver?"
Can we leverage prior work in aviation safety to improve Highly Automated Vehicles (HAV)?



We develop analytical methods to evaluate integrity.  This provides the means to:

  1. quantify safety of existing multi-sensor systems under a variety of operating environment, thereby reducing the need for experimental testing 
  2. allocate safety requirements to individual system components to achieve an overall target level of safety, thereby enabling design for safety
  3. perform risk prediction, which is a key operational feature to enable hazard avoidance maneuvers